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The Intimate Relationship between Poverty and Crime

POVERTY AND CRIME Emile Durkheim developed the concept of anomie to describe how the breakdown of conventional social conditions can lead to a sense of personal loss and dissolution. If members of society do not have conventional means to obtain conventional goals, then their sense of belonging is lost, and they [...]

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Relationship between Minorities and Unemployed

The Louisiana Workforce Commission’s 2015 Louisiana Labor Force Diversity Data Report provides the following as it relates to gender and race trends of Louisiana’s unemployed in 2014. 2014 FEMALE MINORITY UNEMPLOYED ORLEANS  PARISH JEFFERSON  PARISH ST. CHARLES  PARISH PARISH TOTAL 4,969 PARISH TOTAL 2,996 PARISH TOTAL 314 BLACK/AFRICAN-AMERICAN 4,733 BLACK/AFRICAN-AMERICAN 2,495 BLACK/AFRICAN-AMERICAN 306 [...]

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Reentry Population

According to a Fact Sheet issued by the White House in April of 2016, an estimated 70 million or more Americans have some kind of criminal record.  Each year, more than 600,000 individuals are released from Federal and State prisons, and millions more are released each year from local jails. Promoting the rehabilitation and reintegration [...]

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